Code:Breaker Episode 8

Curious...Everyone wants to believe something is forcing Hitomi to act evil. Personally, I was predicting the scenario where Hitomi found out something about the government that he served that made him so disturbed that he decided to fight to erase it. That's usually how these things go, right? In that case, they may be forced to kill Hitomi...despite their strong desires to save him.

They do ask an interesting question, though...what's so special about the Prime Minister that Hitomi wants him alive? Is it his status or something else about him specifically? Also, there's the interesting situation of Toki's sister's memory. Wonder if it's a power that erased it or some government device. It'd be interesting because we haven't seen any mind-altering powers up to this point, which is my favorite type of psychic power. Man, Heike is so suspicious that I felt he was too obvious of a traitor. Does that mean he's actually planning to turn on Hitomi? That seems like a plan for someone so calculating.

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