Space Brothers Episode 34

Oh the cliffhangers...but more on that later. Mutta's store visit was pretty funny...I've always been amused by the interpretation that luck is basically like an item in an RPG. Use it when you can, but conserve it for the right moment. I've always thought of luck as something similar to an innate talent. Just like how some people have good reflexes, some people just have good luck (I think of myself as one of those people).

It's a weird thing,'s hard to attribute it to anything in specific. That's why I find it so interesting. Anyway, based on preview and how they ended the episode, it's not looking like Kenji made it in with everyone...if it were anyone who got cut, I would think it would be him. Or maybe they're doing this on purpose to trick me...personally, I think he's been given the axe.

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