Little Busters Episode 8 admittedly Kud is not as bad in my book. She's less annoying, I guess...maybe funnier too. I can't quite place it. But the fact that she's so much like a dog makes me wary...don't do this to me again, Makoto. We also got introduced to Nishizono, who shows up in the opening and ending, so future main character. By the looks of it, she might be fine too...but we'll wait and see.

So  is that all for Kud? Or just an introduction...I'm guessing introduction. Not quite enough drama to qualify as a problem arc. Of course it's the disciplinary committee one wants to room with her. I guess this might open the way to Saigusa's story? Or at least provide a way for Kud to help? Preview makes next week's episode look random...just the calm before the next one?

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