Robotics;Notes Episode 7

Poor Subaru...finally found out that putting on a cape and a mask doesn't count as a disguise. I'm surprised he's back so easily...even if he took apart his robot. I wonder if there's more to his thing or if he's just done. We're starting to get more into the conspiracy of everything now and of course it's linked to Gunvarrel. Secret organization to abduct them now that they've learned too much...who is it this time? NASA maybe? More importantly, who is the person they don't need in the group (thinks back to Steins;Gate).

Joking, of course...Kona isn't with the group, so they can't kill a member yet. Unless she's the rat...hmm...Also, wonder what's up with Misaki. She has to be controlled somehow...her behavior changed suddenly and she always seems regretful whenever she does anything. Wonder if she found the same things Kai did and was punished for it.

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