Little Busters Episode 7

So...uhh...that was easy. New member of the team Saigusa Haruka...the trickster. Theoretically a nice trait to have in a baseball player, I suppose, but her behavior (especially the whole "being stupid" thing) is really least to me. Yeesh, this is bad. I'm getting so annoyed with the girls in this show. Anyway, as for Haruka's problems, they seem to be linked to this Kanata  Futaki...coincidental hair similarity? Possible, but coincidence in anime? I'm sticking with the sister theory...though why do they have different eye colors? To throw me off?

Doesn't look like I'll find out too soon...looks like Kud is up next based on the preview. Though I suppose it could just be inducting her into the team like this week. I'm curious, though...what happened to that big mystery that was linked to meeting Komari? Is that why Haruka's story wasn't immediately started? Because there was no note? Does that mean that there will be one for Kud? And what happened to Riki's narcolepsy? This is why I refused to make a big deal out of it has basically been ignored.

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