Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai Episode 7

So it's a dead father, huh? That's what caused her to change? She wasn't wearing the eyepatch in her's not a tough call to make. You know, it's odd that Touka, who wants her to accept reality so much, would try so hard to hide the demolition of their former house from Rikka.

So what's the point of this battle, Rikka? Are you fighting to reject reality? Depressed reaction is normal, but turning on Touka, I wasn't quite expecting. What do you hope to accomplish? She won't be able to deny reality, though, so I take this as a step towards her recovery...because she must eventually become normal...right? Maybe from next episode on, Sanae is the only chuunibyou in the cast? I kid of course...or do I?

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