Magi Episode 6

And Morgiana joins just need to find Alibaba. Well, I'm not completely sure I buy it, but I guess I see what was being said about Morgiana's psychological damage from being a slave. I wasn't aware that she had been a slave for quite so long...thought she had just been traveling on her own out of her homeland and randomly got caught. Anyway, I assume Aladdin's presence was the reason she heard the voice of Goltas in the pinch yeah, they're together again.

But next week doesn't look like Alibaba's return quite yet...instead it's the introduction of a new character Sinbad. Of course it could still be related to Alibaba, but it doesn't really look like it. Anyway, clearer of so many dungeons is definitely suspect, so I'd say he's probably lying. Don't really know enough yet, so I guess I'll have to keep my rather damning conclusions as mere theories.

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