Little Busters Episode 6

To be fair, it would have been too much of a stretch for me to predict that Komari cycled through those phases of depression after experiencing death (although it seems obvious to me now). But otherwise, everything else was pretty expected...everything relies on Riki.

Honestly, I can't blame Komari or anyone who would choose to forget to protect themselves from the truth. But I will say this: it's not something I would do. I have to know these things, and I'll force myself to handle it. But then again, I can't say for sure until it happens to me, right? For all I know, I have a dead relative I don't even know about. Plus, I'm not as young as she yeah (or was I? O.o).

Anyway, now we have one down...based on preview, next looks to be Saigusa, who is joining the Little Busters team. Looks like she's got some motivation, though...a lookalike character. Competition? Sibling? Childhood friend who's imitating her? My money's on older sister who judges her for her behavior or something. Though I'm sure you VN people will jump to tell me I'm wrong >.> I still stick with my distaste with Komari's character like I said last week...I don't care what anyone says.

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