Robotics;Notes Episode 5

So I guess this is the point where things start going darker...been carefree for far too long. Finally introduced to the AI Airi (how appropriate of a name...I bet it stands for something). I know she had taken a liking to Kai, but it was still funny that she told him that guests weren't allowed to access the private information, then just immediately gives him the password. Anyway, now I guess he found out about a conspiracy involving NASA and possibly the death of someone that could be related somehow to his life.

Not that we ever had any doubt, but Kai has found out pretty quick that the document wasn't a lie. But how is it related to him? They're not gonna just blame everything on magnetic monopoles, right? They're quite an interesting concept in physics, but I hope there's an interesting link between them and all of the weird stuff happening around the world (plus the incident on the boat with Kai and Akiho). Also, I guess Kai is being watched by Akiho's sister it because his Elephant Mouse Syndrome is more interesting than Akiho's? And when is Daitoku gonna join the Robotics Club anyway?

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