Psycho Pass Episode 5

Holy crap...they didn't hold back. That guy exploded. I guess when you have something like the Sibyl System, you can rest assured when using so much force to take down a criminal. That just seemed excessive, but I guess there isn't such a thing as a trial when it comes to this world. Brings me back to my earlier question...what happens when the system is wrong? They really seem to be moving closer and closer to that...or maybe that's just because I'm looking for it to turn out that way.

Either way, we now know that Shinya was a former Inspector, allowing himself to become an Enforcer because of a single case that wasn't solved...that scene from the very first episode. Kinda seems cruel, don't you think? He devoted himself so much to catching someone, but he's punished for it. Even if he had caught the guy, I'm sure he still would have been screwed by the system. Haha...I guess you can clearly tell I would never accept something like the Sibyl System.

  • Sjcman

    Nov. 10, 2012, 11:57 p.m.

    He technically wasn't punished for devoting himself to catching someone. Stare into the abyss and the abyss stares into you. He started becoming evil to eliminate evil. Its entirely possible he corrupted himself, way of thinking, and view on what is moral and what is immoral in his obsession over this case. We have already seen multiple times in the series occasions where Shinya has been more attack dog than human. This is probably why he is happy to work with the girl. She preserves his humanity and he acknowledges this by saying that he feels like he can be a detective when he is around her. He can't do this with Ginoza because Ginoza distances himself and strictly follows protocol which cages his hunting dog nature which is what led to his psychopass getting clouded in the first place. In this case the girl helps him find that perfect balance between hunting dog and human


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