Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun Episode 6

I'm starting to get used to this scenario...when Haru starts getting feelings for Shizuku, she chooses to return to how she was originally for the sake of her grades...or is it jealousy of the new girl? Nah...couldn't be, right? Sigh...always gotta be complicated with people switching their emotions and stuff. I'm surprised, honestly, that Shizuku could just suddenly have no problems with Haru sitting next to her while she was studying...that's quite the turnaround.

So is it supposed to be Haru's turn to go on the offensive now that Shizuku has returned to her cold as ice routine? Seems like a natural thing...becoming emotionless to avoid the disappointment that comes with expecting things of others because of her mother or whatever. Well, it wouldn't be fun if it were easy, right? Don't tell me...shy girl is going to be the one going on the offensive? No way...that's just too much for someone like her.

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