Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo Episode 5

And of course Aoyama takes over watching over Mashiro. Her misunderstandings of Sorata and Mashiro are still funny to me...not too sure why. You'd think I'd get bored after a while. Also, they could at least tell us what kind of game Sorata is making...yeesh. Well, points to Ryuunosuke for being honest and just telling him he sucks at making concepts (although not necessarily that the idea was bad, which is curious).

Well, next week's episode title suggests...let's see, blue after the rain sounds like when the clouds clear up, so something depressing that turns out okay. Seems to be related to Mashiro's manga if I had to venture a guess. Does that mean they're off of Aoyama for a bit or is it related to her again?

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