Little Busters Episode 5

So there goes Komari's story...kind of a typical scenario of blocking out the pain of her brother's death by forgetting...of course his statement that everything was a dream certainly didn't help. Of course, the first question I have is "why now?" Most reasonable answer: she found someone who reminds her of her brother and is projecting him onto that person...sorta like Koi Chocolate but not as crazy (well...technically we don't know that yet...could be yandere for all I know).

For some reason, I don't care all that much for Komari's character...don't get me wrong, her interactions with Rin and Yuiko are amusing, but I dunno...maybe it's the fact that every time she talks, it feels like her sentences are dragging on. Well, I'm running under the hope that this story doesn't take the most predictable route, which would culminate in a combination of Riki and Koujirou's efforts to break Komari out of her trance. Oh right...suppose Rin could help too.

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