Psycho Pass Episode 4

Taking online social networks to the next level. Holographic meetups...yeesh. I find it hard to believe that Internet anonymity is so easy in this futuristic's near impossible these days. At the very least, someone like me would be far too paranoid to assume I have anonymity. Identities are far too easy to just need to catch one mistake.

There was an interesting point brought up this week...this idea of why the Inspectors keeping their distance from the Enforcers. Seems like kind of a stupid system to me...the only way for the Inspectors to understand the Enforcers (or criminals in general) is for them to think more like them, understand their thoughts, which in turn clouds their Psycho Pass. It means that the Inspectors basically rely on the Enforcers to keep themselves safe from the system. Anyway, we got ourselves a bit of an extended arc...should be fun.

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