Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai Episode 5

Of course Sanae is a just had to be that way. Yuuta, you're regressing! You must maintain your sanity and live on to fight against the chuunibyous! To be fair, that was a lot of pity material from Rikka...would be difficult not to express sympathy. I'm actually surprised that Shinka didn't actively try to sabotage the two of them, though...that would have been funny to watch with the two of them attempting to dodge her and get work done...hard enough as it was already.

I guess there was also that tiny hint...when they mentioned that Shinka may be having problems with the cheerleaders, leaving her with no remaining options to escape the club. I'm not sure whether that was brought up as foreshadowing or whether they were just trying to come up with a reason to keep her from interfering with Rikka passing the exam. So...what comes next? I guess they push Yuuta and Shinka towards the chuunibyous and Sanae and Rikka towards the normal people until they all reach a medium.

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