Zetsuen no Tempest Episode 4

Wow...Mahiro as a child was crazy paranoid. I suppose if you grow up in a wealthy family, you would have to be wary of people trying to get to you. Still funny that Yoshino decided to help him...even funnier that he actually found something. Personally, I think that would be quite a fun way to get a friend...solve a mystery together (hopefully it wouldn't be at the expense of my injury though! hit the other guy with the motorcycle). Yoshino's revenge with the essay was hilarious, though...what a genius.

Well, that was a nice little background on our main characters...also setting up the brain vs. brawn duality for them, with Yoshino being the calculating one and Mahiro being the brawler. It's a very common combination, but I always like it (especially prefer it over the weak main character that manages to win all the time). Anyway, next week might look more into Mahiro's sister (they flashed a scene), but the main thing is going to be more battle. Should be interesting. Random note: I may be reading too much, but if Hakaze's night coincides with Mahiro and Yoshino, that would mean's she's geographically not that far from them, maybe?

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