Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo Episode 4

And of course Sorata isn't leaving Sakurasou. I guess I'm a bit surprised he came to the realization earlier rather than later in the series. I guess this sets him up to make his game or something. Is Mashiro eventually supposed to help out with that, or will she always just stick with manga? She's got the artistic stuff going, so I'm tempted to think she draws for him...or maybe she could just give him some advice about the visual side of the game (what I would consider the most difficult part).

Wait...the preview...the cat says they're having more girls? And the title is "serious girl" of Sakurasou? Does this mean Aoyama is going to join Sorata at Sakurasou? Well, if he isn't leaving, then...I guess...The rivalries between her and Mashiro are the focus of the show from now on? Go go?

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