Little Busters Episode 4

This week is introduction of the new character Kud, but then the focus immediately switches back to Komari...I incorrectly guessed that the old man in the preview was related to Kud, but is actually related to Komari and her mysterious "brother". Of course, it's possible that the assumption that it is a brother because of the male name is false, but I'm going to work off it for now (because I don't have any solid evidence otherwise). Based on that, we can conclude that it's a dead brother that Kamikita Koujirou somehow feels responsible for or something.

What dark secrets will we learn about Komari's past in the next episode? Or will they just dance around the subject trying to build a relationship between Komari and Riki? I'll be annoyed if the brother is actually alive...even if in poor condition, hiding that from Komari is just not cool. Hopefully my predictions aren't completely off base...I predicted the retirement home being linked this week, so maybe I'm on the right track? Final thing of note: pardon my asking, but what difference is there really between Komari and Kud? How exactly are they unique? Is it just because Kud is foreign?

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