Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai Episode 4

So Shinka is a former chuunibyou just like Yuuta after all...and she's been roped into the group in the same way he has. So now we see how she truly acts...rather than that fake responsible attitude. But Mori Summer is no Dark Flame Master (Hei+Lelouch is too much win). Well, at least Yuuta has an ally of sorts now...he was outnumbered three to one before, and maybe he has a fighting chance now of keeping things...manageable? Yuuta will try to keep track of Rikka, Shinka will quarrel with Sanae, and Kumin will...sleep.

I suppose they're trying to suggest something between Shinka and Yuuta by making her former self a symbol of light while his former self is a symbol of darkness. I guess Rikka's a symbol of darkness too, so it's like who is better suited for darkness, darkness or light? So now we have a full cast and a secret club...time to go find aliens, time tra- wait a minute. Err...time to go unlock the magical secrets of the world?  Need more Rikka antics next week...not enough this week.

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