Zetsuen Tempest Episode 3

I guess that ends the little intro-ish part of the show. Got a lot of explanation about magic in this episode...I like this idea of maintaining world logic and magic that isn't inherently destructive. The only type of magic that I've ever liked in any way was the more passive forms like telepathy, augmentation, and such. I think people get too bogged down in throwing fireballs these day. I even fell into that trap when I assumed stuff about mana when Hakaze was trapped on the island.

Anyway, it seems Yoshino is fairly bright...guess it makes sense when he's paired with the more battle-hungry Mahiro. Still wondering whether Aika is truly dead...I guess they ID'd a killer, but my brain says it's never that easy. Either way, next week looks to be a step back into the past of Yoshino and Mahiro...probably get some ideas too on where the show is headed.

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