Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo Episode 3

Everyone's jealous...Aoyama getting jealous, Misaki getting jealous, Sorata getting jealous. It's a party! I still don't understand why Misaki is interested in Jin, but those two seem more like a normal anime couple than Sorata and Mashiro do. They clearly like each other, but I guess they're afraid to say it. Meanwhile, Sorata doesn't want to admit he likes Mashiro and Mashiro's just oblivious.

So is it video game production? Is that what Sorata's calling is going to be? Is he going to get Mashiro and Ryuunosuke's help with that to make some cat-related project? Heck...Aoyama might even join in. I mean...I know that "leave Sakurasou" business isn't gonna happen because this is anime, but he's gotta do something to discover himself, right? What's it gonna be?

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