Code:Breaker Episode 3

And the kill-steal Toki has arrived to join the cast. I guess this was a simple episode to show Sakura that Ogami isn't completely without morals...he really stands by his "evil for evil" line and isn't an indiscriminate killer. I feel like her explaining to him what a hug is was kind of an unnecessary scene, but I guess they're trying to drive it home that he is absurdly emotionless.

We're also introduced to Hitomi, who seems to be the main antagonist and who I'm assuming is the guy who was facing the red-head Code Breaker from the beginning of the episode. It seems he's organizing the crime around the city to fight against the Code Breakers...probably promising them information about the Code Breakers to protect them. I guess next week goes into the rivalry between Ogami and Toki...I guess Toki has a mission as well, so maybe that'll happen.

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