Little Busters Episode 3

More new characters this week. We're introduced to Saigusa Haruka...not all that much learned about her, but she'll be back later. And Kurugaya Yuiko joins the Little Busters team. She certainly wasn't who I was expecting, genius character who can beat the crap out of Makoto. She's a little overpowered to be in a baseball team, isn't she? How is she going to be balanced? If not, she's just gonna take the all of the spotlight every time they play. And that doesn't happen, right?

Still think they're making too big a deal of the narcolepsy thing for this point in time. I'm sure it'll be important later, but for now it doesn't seem like it deserves so much attention. The preview for next week seemed to suggest that there will be more to the mystery that was introduced last week. And it looks like it will lead to another new character joining that I think about it, Kurugaya didn't have any weird notes leading Riki to her while Komari joined because of the cleaning message...I wonder if that means something. Might be my imagination...

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