Shin Sekai Yori Episode 4

It's all a pack of lies! Well, what did you expect? But now I question the humanity of everything...pretty sure everything they've seen up to this point was at one point human. Now we also understand the opening sequences of the other was pretty obvious that they were visions of the past, but now we're given the explanation for what they mean. I'm also curious about why Saki looked like she was trying to strangle herself the entire time...that hard to hear?

Wouldn't it be crazy if the bakenezumi were actually human, but the children were conditioned to see them as something else? But wouldn't the library have told them that? Maybe more logical would be that they're just deformed humans somehow...but that might be a bit of a stretch. I'm hoping we find out more next week, when the children are presumably taken in by the bakenezumi forces. I wonder if they'll be able to get their powers back to use against the village. Kinda seems odd to introduce those powers and take them away for the rest of the show, right?

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