Psycho Pass Episode 2

Well, I certainly wasn't expecting this. I expected Shinya to be the kind of guy who was so "cool" that he would be annoyed at the new Akane and her naive thoughts, but he's actually fine with the way she thinks about the morals behind her actions rather than blindly following the system. What does this mean about my other predictions for this show? If this were a video game, then any system as powerful and predictive as the Sibyl system clearly would have to fail. Whether that means robot uprising or just a traitor to the system is another matter.

Still not sure if I buy into the technology of this Sibyl system quite yet, but I guess we still have time. Akane is right to notice that it almost seems like the Inspectors are just supervisors letting the Enforcers do all the dirty work. It makes sense based on the system, because their mentality would likely become "more criminal" if they learned all the nuances of criminal behavior, but intuitively, it could suggest something dangerous in the future of the show. Of course the other possibility is that the show is just an episodic progression of cases handled by this particular group of Enforcers (and Akane). Wonder what will happen.

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