Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai Episode 3

Haha...of course it's a club. There's five of them! But why did Nibutani Shinka choose to join? It's not going to be something like "she couldn't decide on what she's interested in, but their club looked fun", right? She could also be a former chuunibyou that is interested. There has to be a reason! Maybe she'll join Dark Flame Master's fight against the new servant of the Wicked Eye, Dekomori Sanae! He certainly needs the help...those three girls are always working against him.

And of course, we get another battle scene this week between the new character Sanae and Rikka. A battle of epic proportions (and broomsticks)! Probably one of the cooler scenes from this week's episode...but funniest scene probably goes to the homeroom teacher busting Rikka's second identity Catherine. Yuuta never saw it coming. What's next week? Club activities and epic battle scenes between Rikka and Shinka? I'm in!

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