Magi Episode 2

Oh hey...more slavery stuff. I get that people probably really did act this way, but yeesh...that lord guy's overdoing it. I guess this week was a bit of a showcase of Alibaba with Aladdin too tired to fight. He showed that he's decent with a knife and also that he's pretty knowledgeable and clever. It was pretty easy to predict that he faked his death since he was the only one to read the inscription...being immortal would be way too convenient. Still, he has some sort of dark secret...he killed someone maybe?

Also more stuff with Morgiana...who is finally introduced now that I think about it. I suppose it's pretty obvious that the lord will be forced to free her pretty soon (possibly next week), but will the lord be killed (by Aladdin or maybe that other slave?) or will he just be "convinced" by Aladdin's power? Either way, the first dungeon should be complete by next week, right? Pretty straightforward show, I suppose.

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