Little Busters Episode 2

First member has arrived, the girl on the roof Kamikita Komari. Again, it seems more like Naoe is just a sideline observer than a main character...this episode seemed more about Rin and Komari and didn't seem to have anything to do with Naoe other than introducing his sleep disorder. Also, they make a huge deal about his narcolepsy...I understand it can be annoying that he could fall asleep at any time, potentially dangerous, but he just fell asleep in a baseball field. Is it really as suspenseful as it seemed?

We're also introduced to this idea of a secret in the world. I hope the "this world" part isn't meant to be interpreted literally meaning that there is a second world. Also, I hope it isn't something unimportant...maybe something slightly supernatural in nature. Oh well...I guess it's too early for me to really make a good guess. I'll just sit back and wait for more information. The preview didn't seem to talk about the narcoleptic attack from this week, so I guess it's not really a cliffhanger...

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