Code:Breaker Episode 2

And thus, the alliance is born. Sakura gets recruited with her crazy goal to try and stop Ogami from killing people...what a silly girl. You'd think she'd be able to figure out that Ogami is unable to burn her based on the information she has. Why else would he want to observe her rather than kill her like the night before? Isn't she even a little bit curious? I would think the conclusion is that he can't kill her...but maybe I'm just saying that because I know that's the case.

We're also introduced to a couple more Code Breakers who will be fighting next week. One of them seems to be the primary antagonist of the series based on the opening, presumably a Code Breaker that went rogue. Also, it looks like Sakura will be joining Ogami on a mission next week and failing to save anyone. Seriously...what does she think she can do to stop him anyway?

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