Sword Art Online Episode 15

And now for the second arc of Sword Art...with extra fairies. Anyone else really wondering why they chose fairies? Seems kinda random to me...I guess whatever works. Anyway, we also meet Asuna's messed up fiancee. Please don't tell me he's the main villain. I mean, he didn't act too much like he knew anything, but he's part of the team helping to maintain the servers...so it's highly suspicious. But yeah, Sword Art managed to get even more .hack-like, with Asuna seemingly trapped in the game with three hundred others.

There's also this thing with his sister/cousin...he married Asuna in the game, so she doesn't count as a love rival, right? I'm not a fan of seeing Kirito as a wuss now that he's out of the game...at least his kendo skills are decent from all the practice he got in game. So I guess the next part is all about waking Asuna up before she's forced to be married? I hope it's not "complete the new game and she'll be saved"...that same thing again. At least do something different...like using Virus Cores to access the Lost Grounds and destroying Cubia...hypothetically. Oh, and new music is good...nothing much else to say about it.

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