Shin Sekai Yori Episode 3

It's beginning! They found a robot library and they're going to learn everything! Saki got me thinking she was all special, but it was just the sunglasses protecting her from hypnosis...or at least so we think for now. Always the chance that they were just a convenient explanation...or maybe that's just me being too suspicious. Still, it was a little stupid that Saki put on the glasses the second time they met the robot and expected someone else to be able to do they were gonna be affected any differently.

So much of the truth could come out next week. We'll likely learn a lot about history and whatnot...probably about the village? Or just everything? Will we finally know what those opening scenes mean? I'm really curious about it all...and will the show become something completely different? They can't possibly keep the mysterious feel to it going after revealing all this stuff. Another question is how it will affect everyone...that Mamoru guy doesn't seem too strong-willed. I assume they're not smart enough to keep it to themselves.

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