Psycho Pass First Impressions

The setup of this show is a lot more like Minority Report than I originally thought...the computer system is actually used to detect criminals before they do anything, just the same. I'm not saying the stories will be the same (although, I'm prepared for it if so). This series follows Tsunemori Akane, a rookie who seems to be fairly book smart, and Kougami Shinya, someone who is labeled a criminal by the Psycho Pass system but used to help with law enforcement called an Enforcer. Akane is idealistic while Shinya is cold and ruthless when it comes to the job.

The opening song is pretty cool...the voicing sounds a bit weird, but I thought it sounded good. The ending is really good too...a song by EGOIST, which is a really good band. It's kind of an odd premise...sure, it makes sense to try and stop crime before it happens. However, I'm sure there are those in the world with criminal mentalities that are able to go through life without any troubles.

A system that flags these things would certainly force them out...even if they may not be an issue at all. I'm also a bit wary of what happened to the hostage in this first episode. Theoretically, her mental state was so damaged by the trauma of captivity that she became unstable, but doesn't that suggest a deficiency in the system? And Akane's in trouble because of that...wonder what will happen.

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