Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo First Impressions

Another fun one. Looks like it's labeled romantic comedy...looks pretty interesting so far. It follows Kanda Sorata, a seemingly normal person thrown into the school's dorm for the rather strange students. The dorm's teacher tasks him with watching over her cousin, Shiina Mashiro, a transfer student from England. What kind of ridiculous reason was that for Sorata to be put into Sakurasou anyway? Because he rescued a cat? Oh well, I guess he really likes it there despite his goal to escape.

I guess that was the ending song that they played. It's a pretty decent song...something I might listen to with enough time. So what? I guess it's Sorata's job to teach Mashiro about the world? We've already seen that her manga is really simple with no twists, so I guess she's supposed to be fairly naive? Well, if she needs to learn about love, why not just let Mitaka Jin handle it? Joking, of course. Not sure how easy this one will be to cover, but I guess I'll try. Anyone else think the shut-in programmer is actually a girl? Isn't that how these things go?

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