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So, fears of a new Campione seem to be quelled for now. I mean, sure there was a tentacle monster and the main character's a bit of a pervert, but it's not as bad yet (those kisses shiver). Anyway, this story follows Aladdin, a mage of some sort. Joining him are Alibaba and probably eventually Morgiana, a (former?) slave. Oh, and he's also got a flute that houses a djinn named Ugo...yeah, there's that. I got the impression that Aladdin was supposed to be a mage, but he seemed to mostly rely on Ugo, with the exception of making the carpet fly. What exactly is the extent of his abilities?

The opening song is pretty decent...if the ending song is the song that was playing while Aladdin and Alibaba were heading to the dungeon, then it's not really my style. Speaking of dungeons, isn't that too much of a video game premise for this show? Clearing dungeons? Oh well, I guess next week is when we find out more about that. Maybe go into Aladdin's past a bit...I'm assuming he was locked away from the world based on how ignorant he was about the slaves and stuff. I hope I do an adequate job of covering this show because I won't understand the 1000 Arabian Nights references...I'll do my best. And they're going to pick up Morgiana, right?

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