Little Busters First Impressions

And for the romance of the season...probably one of the more anticipated shows of fall. The story of a group of friends calling themselves the Little Busters, who randomly decide to start a baseball team in the last year of high school for their fearless leader. Why baseball? Uhh...that's a good question. Care to enlighten us Kyousuke? Any time in the next three episodes would be ideal. Other than the complete randomness that is the start of the baseball team, I'm assuming it's the medium for assembling the girls for our main character Naoe Riki (although they don't seem to be the type to be all that helpful on a baseball team other than Rin).

Fortunately (or unfortunately), I'm going into this show with no knowledge of the visual novel...I'm curious to see how my knowledge of Key productions in general will help me to deduce the plot/characters/bust sizes of this show. The opening and ending songs for this show, apparently done by the same person, are pretty cool songs. If I was forced to pick just one, I may favor the ending more, but it's pretty close. Anyway, next week it looks like Riki will rope in his first addition to the baseball team...even if he didn't seem like much of a main character in this episode.

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