Zetsuen no Tempest First Impressions

Oh boy...what am I watching? This first episode felt kinda weird because of all of the flashbacks, but I guess the setup is fairly simple. I'm not completely sure who the main character is, but I guess it's Fuwa Mahiro, the vengeful guy with new magic powers, courtesy of the stranded princess Kusaribe Hakaze. If I had to guess, Takigawa Yoshino may take the role of the observer telling the story, but he may be given some sort of power too. If I had to guess further, I would guess that Yoshino's power will derive from his girlfriend (pictured behind him in the poster for the show).

Everything so far seems to indicate that Yoshino's girlfriend is dead (or soon to be dead)...but based on my theory before, I'm not completely sure. This show worries me...all the female characters dropping out so quickly (with the exception of Yamamoto Evangeline, who I assume will be a future ally). It leaves a lot of room for the questionably near-BL content that I predicted while previewing this series. Sigh...don't do this to me. Also, my preliminary theory is that Fuwa Aika (Mahiro's sister) is still alive, but I'm still working on that. Also, the opening song sounds pretty cool...the English sounds good for a Japanese band and the music is pretty solid.

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