Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun First Impressions

That almost looked like an entire romance in the first episode. Main character Mizutani Shizuku meets the delinquent Yoshida Haru, finding out he's not really all that delinquent...not interested at first, but he falls in love...then she falls in love. Yup...sounds like a full story to me. Guess it was kinda funny how Haru is stupidly naive coupled with extremely impulsive behavior...screws with the calm, calculated Shizuku. But people who want study all the time? No thanks...too much work for me.

Quick aside about music. I guess the opening is what you'd expect for this kind of show...which isn't really my style (meaning it's not something that would probably grow on me). The ending theme sounded decent, though, from what I could hear. So what happens now? I suppose Shizuku still has to realize her love or something...tell Haru...stuff like that. I would guess that they'll also introduce other characters to build Haru's friend count (Shizuku's too). They're not going to start a club, right? Right??

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