Shin Sekai Yori First Impressions

How very spooky. I was pretty intrigued by this show based on the description of a utopian society gone wrong...those sorts of stories are usually interesting. The first episode seems to cut between different periods of time, one being what's probably the "main" time period depicting protagonist Watanabe Saki's experiences within this utopian village and the other being a seemingly later time where Saki is seeking refuge in a temple.

This first episode is basically what you would expect. Saki notices that certain things about the village seem off, but everyone else doesn't seem to have a problem, so she just continues on with her life. We're introduced to the other characters, as well as the cursed power that they use (which seems like basic telekinesis to me).

So the episode ends with news of Amano Reiko, the clumsiest and probably least-talented of the group, disappearing. I guess the village is secretly trying to breed a line of incredibly powerful psychics or something...killing anyone that isn't good enough. Poor Reiko. How will they cover it up? Will Saki's friends just assume that Reiko was moved somewhere and force her to go along with these thoughts? I'm so intrigued by this show!

A quick note on the ending song...I think it sounds really good. The beginning tune has a cool way of throwing me off my beat with its style and the rest of the song sounds really cool. I can definitely see myself listening to this song a lot.

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