Kokoro Connect Episode 13

And so another arc has come to an end. I think it might have been because they tried to solve three characters' problems at once, but this one definitely seemed fast...almost rushed, especially Iori's part. I don't know if I like how Heartseed just showed and told them that second Heartseed wouldn't bother them...just like that. Shouldn't there be some sort of struggle? Come on...I wanted to see the two competing. Maybe that's what the last arc is for? I really want to know what the relationship between the two is...it doesn't seem to be anything positive, but it's hard to tell with how indifferent Heartseed is.

So I'm not completely sure how the final arc works. There are supposed to be four more episodes, but most of what I'm seeing makes this episode look like a "final" one. It may be possible that they're trying to pull what Bakemonogatari and Saki Achiga-hen did, which was ending the TV release now and waiting before releasing the final episodes. If so, that's a bit frustrating...so much waiting. I guess we'll find out next week, right? If an episode pops up...Episode 14! Heartseed vs. second Heartseed! I want to see it!

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