Sword Art Online Episode 13

The return to the frontlines. Finally we get to see a real boss battle in action! So...five people doing all the work with a bunch of grunts for cannon fodder. Yup, sounds about right. At least Heathcliff is finally in the fight. I was hoping he'd show up and give us more information about his abilities.

I don't know about you guys, but this episode gave me a weird apprehensive feeling. Like something really big was about to happen. I don't want to say someone dies (because I'd feel bad if it happened), but something's going to keep Kirito and Asuna from returning to that house in the forest. I just feel like they've left for good. Am I just imagining things?

And the title of next week's episode is The End of the World, which is pretty worrying. The best case is that this is the name of an attack or a dungeon or event that's going to be triggered. The worst case, of course, someone dies or the game ends for some reason (least likely). Man, this episode started off so silly with the fishing stuff that I was surprised...it got really serious really fast. I barely even noticed. Anyway, the only reason I bring up the end of the game scenario possibility is because of Asuna's comment about their real bodies. It's something I've wondered about for a while and I'm glad they addressed it.

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