Rinne no Lagrange Final Episode (24)

Well well…happy ending it is. I always find it unsettling when everything just works out, but I guess it has to happen sometimes. I dunno…I just found Yurikano’s return to be a bit without warning (maybe unprecedented would be a better word). Definitely didn’t foresee Dizelmine becoming younger like Asteria. Does this also mean he’s immortal? They called it a second chance at life, which suggests that he’s just starting back again, but what’s going to happen with Asteria? Oh well…

Moid’s ending felt weird to me too…he just kinda disappeared without a trace and no one cared. I know he didn’t deserve much, but that kind of a crummy way to go. That aside, the Jersey Club goes universal…sounds about right. I figured the ending would feature Madoka travelling around Polyhedron somehow because that would be the only way she could stay connected with Muginami and Lan.

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