Kokoro Connect Episode 12

Oh Taichi...you are so busted. Too bad for you Inaba is so perceptive...quick, kiss her as a distraction? Anyway, I'm kinda surprised, but it seems like both Aoki and Yui's problems were resolved this week...wasn't expecting it to be so quick. Aoki also had his identification issues while younger sorted out...guess that confirms that they really do remember identities when they regress. I suppose that sort of thing is necessary (otherwise they run scared to the police), but it just bugs me, okay?

The preview doesn't seem to hint much at what happens to Taichi now that he's been found out...but it does seem to suggest that now Iori's up to bat. She sure has a lot of problems...guess we finally get to know what's up with her and her mother. I'm hoping second Heartseed shows up as well to give us some more information about what's going to happen and the Heartseeds in general. Sigh...I really want to know...kininarimasu?

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