Tari Tari Episode 12

Rebellion!! Or something like that. A lot of setup for the final episode this week. I'm curious about this whole "getting everyone in school to help" thing...wondering if it's suggesting an "everyone in school starts singing" thing next week. Alternatively (and probably more realistically), it gives everyone in the school a reason to show up and support the festival thing when the head honcho tries to stop it from happening (as shown in the preview). Stuff like that...you know, normal things.

What's going on with Tanaka and Sawa? So far, it's the closest thing so far to romance we've seen. Are they going to be a thing or is that just a crush that they put forward to mess with everyone? Doesn't seem like enough time for a relationship like that to develop and Sawa doesn't feel like she has much attraction to Tanaka (as far as I've seen).

Not too sure how to call the ending...like I said before, either they're convinced not to tear down the school or they're just convinced to allow the festival to happen. I lean towards the second option, but I know you crazy optimists are out there. I'm sure the vice principal will get her moment too.

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