Sword Art Online Episode 11

And now, we have Aura! For all you .hack fans out there...you probably saw this coming as much as I did. Whenever we have this video game scenario, there always has to be that character that seems to be human but is different in some way. My bet is that she's an AI just like Aura (or maybe more accurately Zephie for those of you familiar with .hack//Dusk).

Most of it coming from the fact that the game got distorted when she started acting strange...suggests that maybe code was being altered. Alternatively, she says something to effect of "I wasn't here", so she could be a real human who somehow got into the world without playing the game...just my auxiliary theory.

Still, while I enjoy the reference, my real hope is that Yui isn't Aura, just because then the story sorta gets pigeonholed into the story of .hack. This idea of saving her from people who would want to delete her as an anomaly or something. Then again, does SAO really have a governing system like that? I suppose it's possible that other players would want to "harness her power" if there is such a thing, but only the creator would have a problem with her being there. Maybe she's just supposed to be the source of Kirito and Heathcliff's abilities and she'll give them out to everyone else?

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