Arcana Famiglia Episode 11

Oh wait...there's only one episode left. I wasn't even paying attention. But's finally time for the Arcana Duello we've been expecting for so long. This episode was just mostly Nova and Liberta getting over their issues and demonstrating that they're fully capable of using their abilities now. Liberta still seems absurdly more powerful than Nova, though.

So many predictions that can be made for the last episode. It's a tough call for me. If the Duello will truly decide who Felicita chooses, then Nova will have to fight Liberta...I would say that Liberta has the edge, but it's such an obvious advantage that I wonder if Nova will just be able to out-smart him. I'm also entertaining the idea that Felicita ends up choosing both in the end (two people give more power than one, right?...right?). Either way, at least she'll have to choose something (as opposed to the friend zone ending of most harems).

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