Tari Tari Episode 11

Well I wasn't expecting something of this large of a scale...There I was thinking it was just some sort of demolition. I suppose they hadn't hinted at a building important enough for that yet. It was kinda interesting to see how easily everyone drifted apart with the festival (and Wakana). That one scene with Tanaka and Sawa was curious...was it supposed to be the start of a new romance or at least a crush from Tanaka? It almost seemed to get swallowed up in everything else.

I guess there are a couple of ways I can see this going. First, we have the standard friendship and teamwork ending where everyone gets together with their own White Festival and manage to show enough spirit and love and whatnot to change the decision and stop the condo construction. Second is the slightly more depressing (but realistic) ending where their self-organized White Festival is fun and everything, but they end up accepting the changes...everyone goes their own separate ways after discovering what they really want to do.

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