Tari Tari Episode 10

Well, that definitely wraps up Wein's story. I wasn't quite expecting him to get a real hero moment. Also, why did he have to sing in the end? Knock a guy down and randomly start singing your theme song, I guess. That's uhh...totally normal.

Other than that, the vice principal gives Wakana the generic advice for creating anything, which would be to create something naturally rather than try to do it right or something. I dunno...not all that much happened other than that.

Next week looks to be setup for the festival...I mean, literally the part where everyone in the school starts to get everything started. Also, it looks like construction is what's causing the vice principal so much grief. Are they trying to tear down something historical to her and Wakana's mother? Or are they trying to build something disruptive? I feel like I'm missing something...

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