Rinne no Lagrange Episode 21

So is Dizelmine still evil? I thought he'd changed! He got punched and everything. But it looks like he still thinks Villagiulio betrayed him (either that or he's being forced to believe that somehow). Honestly, I want to believe that he's not a bad person, but he doesn't ever let me. The only possible way for him to pull out of it now is if he were somehow brainwashed, but that's starting to seem like a stretch. It could have been good intentions until that line about Villagiulio.

So now the fighting begins again...just as Array and Kirius leave. Will the memoria allow Dizelmine to pilot a Vox-like Ovid? Is there even one available? It has to grant him some sort of power...otherwise he wouldn't want it. Guess the girls will be breaking their promise next week. I wonder what the reasoning and stuff will end up being. Because most of my theories seem to be stretching it too far. Also, Madoka's inability to decide her future is starting to become suspiciously similar to a death flag to me (or at least, a trapped in the Rinne flag). But I won't call it just yet.

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