Kokoro Connect Episode 9

And finally Yui is okay (again). As I said before, it's good that Aoki got the chance to shine this time...he loves the girl so much, so it would be dumb to give Taichi all the glory every time. He's gotta be able to help her when she needs it, right?

Also, we have the mysterious meeting from Heartseed. He didn't immediately take action this time...just came with a threat to Inaba. Something about her secret...is it just the fact that she is in love with Taichi? He mentioned that it would break up the group, so that's all I got so far.

Either way, it looks like the secret will come out next week. The preview made it seem like Iori would find out (which further supports my theory that it's about Taichi). Still, it could be something completely different that I didn't foresee (or have a chance to foresee). It also looked from the preview that Iori is going to be the one possessed by Heartseed again...this guy really doesn't like switching around who he takes over, does he? Wonder what he's gonna do to her...hmm...

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