Sword Art Online Episode 9

The second sword finally comes out! Yeah...dual blades are pretty awesome. I can definitely understand why Kirito chose to hide it. Even if he doesn't know how he got the skill, because he's a beater, everyone would just assume that he's hiding some special information that he got from the beta and he'd likely be killed for it.

People online can be pretty dumb in the respect. They would sooner think "this guy's going around acting like he's better than us" and try to kill him than realize "hey, this guy's probably our best chance of getting out of this world." He pretty much soloed that boss, after all.

I guess the anime decided to go a different route with this scene. In the manga, this seemed a lot cooler because the second sword from Lizbeth wasn't introduced yet. Also, the scene with Asuna questioning Kirito pretty much gives it away. But I can't really say that showing the "intro" stories was too bad because those flashbacks with Sachi were pretty effective.

Anyways, next week, Kirito confronts the infamous guild leader Heathcliff to try and get Asuna some free time. This is the last part I read in the manga, so I know who wins the duel...feel free to speculate. I'll just smile and nod because spoilers are lame.

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